Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thristle Port Dickson-Second day

Hi loves!Here comes the second day of the Thristle Hotel.
In the wonderful morning,Egg,Jessie and Fuitheng went for swimming,while I just stayed in the hotel and watched TV.Because of I don't like playing under the hot weather.I really fed up my dark skin,I can't make darker it any more!!
In the evening,we dressed up and made up pretty pretty before went to the beach.
Snapped a group picture of the second day=)

(Readers,do you ready?Most of the photos we took at the beach.)Let's go to the beach!The sea wind was large.My hair was waving disorderly in the sea wind.
Totally I never touch the seawater,just stood aside and took photos again,again and again.(We still remember we took around thousand of the pictures in Genting last year,it's true!The main reason is we all using camera phone to take picture last year,so we got many many cameras and kept self-shot with buddies!)♥♥♥

Jessie,Kmaey,Fuitheng,Egg,Sharn and Xtin.♥♥♥
 I love this picture so much,but that less person sit beside with me.=(
Ladies Ladies ♥ ♥ 
 Enjoy with them ♥♥ These pictures very nice right?
But behind the scenes,what wrong with my poseee???OMG!
How I bend myself until like that???I don't know..

 The sweetest couple!!Nick and Sharn.
Egg ,Xtin and me
The pictures I love ♥♥

I always be the camera man.They love the angle I caught=)Took a group photos before left the beach.
After that,all photos took in the night session.Went for our dinner at outside restaurant!
Ladies in the toilet:)
Let picture tell the story about what happening in the rooms when we back from dinner.Too many picture I love,I don't know which one need to delete.

Story about swimming in the night.

Went for a walk

♥♥♥The end.

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