Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SPM result coming out very soon!


OH no,SPM result will coming out on TO-MO-RROW!
To be truth,I am scared now!!Who doesn't?I know I've already mentioned this for many times but this month I should really decide what course to take in my future college.As soon as I get the results,I think I could know what course should I take in the future.I don't ask for how many A,I just want to Credit only,especially BM and BI.There's too many things I need to consider before I make the final decision on my future college.Cost is the most important consideration in my mind.I have think bout that whether I could choose to live with interesting.I know I will escape when I think about my future.I am hoping I could make a great final decision.I don't want waste money and time.

In this few days,I had a fun with ADD group,especially esther,,ys,y huan,niki, yamcha at Cheras on yesterday.Besides that,yumcha session on sunday night with,henry,khui,hwang,esther,kyan,stephy,y huan,niki,vic guan and ys at Pistop.I really enjoyed with them.

Good luck to me on TOMORROW,I need your LUCK ASAP!