Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Second day of the CNY ♥

Kmaey in the car =)
Hello,I suddenly thinking to bout about my Port Dickson trip but it has been past too long ago so please wait til I have a free time and mood then I'll blog bout it.Today was the Chor Six,I stayed at home alone.Hmmm...currently I am unemployed woman.I promised myself I should find a new job in this month.I don't want be a lazy girl and just stayed at home alone!I felt bored here=(

Well,It's time to blog about the second day of the CNY. Early in the morning,we went to grandpa's house to had our breakfast first.I super like my grandma's soup.It very delicious ♥

Took a family photo,we are Koo family♥Have a new face in this photo.She is my cousin,Chloe♥

After that,we went to my grandma's sis house.We would come in each year.Felt bored here then I started cam-whore.
Piqi,Juan aunt and my grandma.♥
Iyen,Mandy and my mom♥My mom looked so serious,hahas! 
Piyi,Amelia and the beautiful girl,KMAEY!WEEHEEE*HAHA
We have a big foot same as a man.=((
Cecelia,the mature girl.She only 14 years old!
Cecelia,Piyan and
Amelia and me again.

Look at my mom,what is she doing?OMG!She act cute to take photo!hahas!

In the evening,we visited nanny's house and my daddy's friend house♥♥.Men and women were gambling at outside house.My daddy's friend finally moved to new house.He become a rich man now;)
In the night session,we visited my aunt's house(my mom's side) at Kepong.In the Chinese New Year,certainly not lack of gambling.Playing with my cousins.

My Chinese new year's programs are the same as every year. But I still enjoyed it.
Before the end,haven't forget to said one again "Happy Chinese New Year and take care yourself!"

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happy new year kmaey