Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First day of the CNY

Happy Chinese New Year!Today is Chor SIX,however I stayed at home alone.I FUCKING hate this year CNY because the holiday is too short for us.I still remember the last year of first day CNY is Sunday,then we had a whole week to celebrate CNY.=(
My daddy and me;)

So how are you all so far?In the first day of CNY, I woke up kinda late in the morning and very rushing to make the hairdo.Before going out,we took a family picture by self-timer.
Peter,Iyen,mother,father,kmaey and YOYO(MY CUITE DOG)
My hometown is at Desa Petaling,so it's quite near from my house.As usual,the first station was visit the temple on that day.It was crowed.Had our vegetarian breakfast at there.However,my grandma can't to join us because she be a volunteer in the temple.

Took a lot of pictures in the temple.
Anyway,introduced my grandpa.He's 76 years old,kinda young right?Hahas!Many relatives said I looked like him because only me have a sharp nose and tall body same like him.
My cousin,Jia Xuan.

After that,I went to my grandma's house(my mom's side) on the same day.Did you saw the new faces who are stood beside the Amelia in the pictures?Aright,they are my cousins too!They called Jaycee and Michelle.They are very friendly and pretty Happily we're getting closely!!
My cousins!
Piyan,she's getting pretty and sexy;)
My cousin too?
After that,we moved to my my grandma's bro house.These women are my mom's sisters and cousins.
A lot of rabbits ;)
Men talks!My daddy looked so handsome right?Hehexxx**
Kmaey,Amelia and Iyen.
My lil cousins,Piqi and Piyi;)
I love the chair so muchie,it very comfortable and made me almost to sleep at there♥ 
The mature's group who are above the 40 years old
The young's group who are under the 20 years old 
Love this photos 

We watched I LOVE HONG KONG in the midnight at MBO,Desa Petaling.Damn hilarious with a lot of TVB night casts just like in the previous movie,72 tenants of Prospertiy.

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