Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Interview flight attendant

This is how I looked on last Thursday.

27th Jan 2010,
it was going be a wonderful day.I woke up early and prepared to interview-flight attendant.I was off to LCCT,Sepang,where my interview took place.I arrived there around 11am.

When I stepped into the hall,I saw thousands of the eyes looking at me!Ohh noo,I was late!All candidates sat in a row and waiting for their interviews.I groaned.When I turned back to leave there,a woman approached me and asked about whether I wanna to leave or still continue in .Of course I took "continue" for the answer.

Well, I heard a bad news for me when I prepared in the toilet.Many of candidates failed because of several reasons.Sure enough,the trial exam will be reject in this event.I confused.In the last min,I decided gave up and I promised myself will back on next time.

Finally,I have goal in my future life.I was hoping I could be achieve my goal in this year.Personally,a desire to attain success in the life,I believe that it drives people forward to achieve greater things.

"Successful individuals are the ones who can manipulate these forces of ambition in a way that is most positive so that are able to change negative factors to positive and are also able to use positive factors effectively preventing these from becoming negative at any point of life."



Anonymous said...

I think this course ll help u to achieve ur Flight Attendent dream

杨宝贝 said...

>< kmaey以后会变成最美的空姐!

Sam Wong said...

why not u try 1st....because if u try on this time u got experience and know wat question they will ask u...
Happy Chinese New Year