Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last shopping before the CNY ♥

It's 11.51pm now,today is CNY'S EVE.Its time to blog before I join the gamble!hahas

1st February 2011,it's another day outing with my cousins at Sunway Pyramid.Feeling so good because I got the salary on Wednesday finally!I spent my money with happily and no need worried money problems.(In the past two days I have spent half of my salary edy:(( )

Early in the morning,I went to Serdang KTM fetch my cousin to my house first.Under the final decision,we decided 7 people in a car,we have no choice=((We arrived there around 1pm and had our brunch at "金家利" restaurant.

Amelia and me.

"KimGary 祝兔年行大运"

People mountain people sea.Most of their set lunch with a drink,a soup and main course.I love their Borsch Soup and the food is super delicious.

I'm at Sunway pryamid.Love the decorations,very nice
I bought a lot of things in the last shopping,wuahaha!

What's the plans for new year,Hmmm..I still don't know=(Who wanna dating me?XOXO

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