Wednesday, September 2, 2009

★Sick again★

Now is-->2 September 2009 5.10pm

Tuesday 1 September 2009
Raining for whole day
cause I was sick.
cold and struggling sore throat

I felt so dizzy
Gosh.very difficult to breathe!

But.I still went to tuition..

I cannot skip this class lah..
because it will let me miss a lot of notes

Wednesday 2 September 2009

still went to school today

change for a place of assembly

All student was dispersed to different venue
because H1N1..schoolmaster don't all of the student gather together
dislike like this.cause the hall is damn quite

used a lot of tissue today

I have no idea what I wanna posting

that's all!
I wan having my dinner now


aaron said...

hmm.. take good care o.. n drink more water ar..

yuan said...

need to take care more ...
go see the doctor and rest more...
nvm..notes can borrow from frn...
better dont be sick~

Sam Wong said...

take care yourself la...
remember drink a lot of water..