Wednesday, September 30, 2009

★Karaoke WITH buddies★


Finally,some free time to update on a last Thursday noon
Karaoke with my dear buddies!

Thursday 24 September 2009

My eyes still damn swollen,because we overnight at Eewaka's house,gossip before sleep
Gossip about nonsense,panda also wake up and join us
Girl are born to gossip^^

Next day,we woke up around 1am.
I suggest go to karaoke.I craving for so long already

Then,we started to prepare and make up while Sharn prepared breakfast for us
BUT,the breakfast have little bit problem.Ha

1PM---We headed to Balakong's Jusco

Kmaey and Panda

We sat at at McDonald's first.

Nothing to do.just self-shoot at there.

I always forgot to bring my wallet.
Tell you,I without bring my IC when I go out=="

2PM--We move on to Greenbox's place and check in.

Then,we started to sing

we can sing sing sing and non-stop,because just a few people only

long time didn't just 5 of us karaoke at a small room
Nothing to say,we took a lot of photo

before ending this post
Happy birthday to Dephy.

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