Sunday, September 6, 2009

★Happy Friday★

Recently,I edit and changed my backgrounds all the times
So,I do not have the time to blogging

Thursday 3 September 2009

Happy Birthday To Ting Zong.I never forgotten your birthday
Now,Continue my life diary..

Afternoon,A Loon came to fetch me for a while
Then,went directly to the tuition
The classroom filled with laughter with Yleng and Mickey them

After tuition,tagged along my sister and Jackie them went to Pistop yamcha
They discussed and plan about this Saturday night--BBQ
But I had pork chop noodles and black currant juice alone
I never had my dinner before,DAMN HUNGRY!
the process had talked and laughter

back home around 11PM...

Friday 4 September 2009
Today is a special day,first time showed my whole face at school
My hair was tied to the back end
felt clean and tidy..Haha

After school,still need stayed at school and waited Sharn them
They had a meeting for pengawas sukan
Yuki and A Yang accompanied me

1.30pm,my sister fetch us went to Mines
Panda, Sharn, Egg and me
had our lunch at McDonald>>I haven't eat my breakfast before
ordered spicy chicken and chit chat at there

We talked a lot 2.15pm until 6.30pm
Talked nonsense is our favorite.Haha

After that,We went to Athome

Kmaey,Mazai and Sharn

There place is a luxury furniture store
damn nice..

Around 7PM

Kmaey, Sharn,Maozai
I accompanied Sharn and Panda waited her mum

After back home,I quickly went to bath and had my dinner
Then headed to 1 utama with my bro,sis and her Bf
went to take movie ticket first

Then,headed to Waffle World before we go for movie:)
ordered a chocolate waffle and other waffle

Yummy Yummy!

watched the movie--Laughing哥前传:变节

The storyline was a not bad
Such A sanguinary,scary movie.

I love the 吴镇宇

I'm very moved when he protected his sister at the moment
But I recommend this movie to anyone, Go and watch this movie la!

good bye!

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