Monday, September 14, 2009

★I miss her★

Wednesday 9 September 2009
At night,
I tagged along with my sis and her bf went to furniture store to buy a table
We went to several store and Jusco still haven't find our favourite's table
but we bought a new carpet give my yoyo

that pink colour one~
After that,Weilip fetch us went to ate "Loklok"

Thursday 10 September 2009
After tuition,
I had my supper at "大家乐" with sis and her bf also
Egg came and sit with me because her stall just in front of me

Saturday 12 September 2009

I went to Salak Selantan night market with my cousin
I just bought a drink only

Besides that,I met my partner before working with me at night market--A Mei

i deeply miss her
I still remember we first met at job

when my first time on the job,I very FEAR
because I still dunnoe how to serve customers and speaking
but she always taught me and help me at anytime
We are same age,so we can chit chat our topic non-stop

She made me felt not alone

Next week,I will go back to work at there a few days
Without her,I feel quite fear again
I'm afraid of strange

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