Wednesday, September 30, 2009

★Nice..Barbecue AGAIN AGAIN★

Wednesday 23 September 2009
I went to Sharn's house around 4PM.Self-shoot at there while Sharn was prepared somethings
I love this light,very beautiful!

After that,We headed to Balakong Jusco to met Eewaka and Egg
Then,we bought some ingredients for BBQ first

and I saw this"B.A.R.B.E.C.U.E"!!!

After that,Eewaka's mum fetch us proceed to her home.
We started to prepared
BUT,I no need to do anythings,
because they said I just shut my mouth and stop talking only

I very angry and stood at aside >__<
Advanced Barbecue started.not need to use the charcoal again
I'm responsible to eat only^>^
because I afraid that oil will hurt my eyes and body

A lot of Delicious food just in front of me.
They eat eat eat and non-stop,maybe have 5th,6Th rounds already

After BBQ session,We decided to enjoy the fake spa

I kept shivering--extremely cool!
Egg helped me massage.HUH!sleepy~
As usual,gossip!gossip!gossip!
Suddenly,we heard a sound of motorcycle in the vicinity
We quickly"disembark",Eewaka said maybe have a guard was patrolling

Finished spa around 2AM..
After bath,Eewaka,Egg ,Sharn and me come down to kitchen and makan maggie

Panda don't join us.

Chating until wanna sleep.Eewaka and Panda sleep beside me

my eyes wat happen?I don't know..I fear...

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