Friday, September 18, 2009

★BBQ--Cheli's birthday★

BBQ--Had a mini celebration for Celi's birthday at Sri Pinang's park

Saturday 6 September 2009

I went to The mines with my sister and Blackie to bought a present first
Then,headed to
that place and started prepared well in everything.
( chicken wing,hot dog,ham,cake and etc )

Yummy Yummy!

damn nice^^

Around 7.30pm--Start to BBQ
I didn't near the stove,because it was damn hot!
I had wear the contract lens,fear the lens will dissolve in my eyes lohx..
I just eat eat eat only..XD

After that,their prepared a game of treasure hunting for the Celi
Of course, hints was given also!but the map was blur loh~

quite fun and exciting!!because those gifts hidden in a very dark place

After blowing cake, war started!
Their played cream..very crazy and funny!
I stood aside and laughed only...

They go back home and bath first
sis and I went to Jun Qi's house waiting them
I felt my body very very dirty..I can't tahan already
So,I went to wash room remover and bath
Wuh...more comfortable!

Second round,Borneo rainforest at Sunway

I very regret to remover..
If not,I must take many photo at there
Sure enough,this cafe's name didn't get wrong
We ordered some drink after,It was raining!
attendant assured us that after 5 minutes the rain will cease
Unlucky,rain without stop and larger
I first time yamcha in the rain

Had a Happy day for this day!
Happy birthday to Cheli~


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