Tuesday, September 22, 2009

★Barbecue again★

Barbecue--with my big family

Monday 21 September 2009

At night,I went to Mandy's house BBQ with my family again

Aunt them want to BBQ on a whim...

Around 6PM..

We started to prepared food and everything..

Unfortunately,outside was drizzle while we want started to burn charcoal
I didn't make up and wear lens,because my eyes was injury..


Have a lot of delicious food[hotdog,beef,chicken wing is cannot be lack and etc]
I just grill a hotdog only...damn hot lah...

Junee sang at there and non-stop,make nosies..cannot tahan loh!XD

I also had brought my Yoyo go there...
but it very naughty.He want fight with Jeli

Jeli<--beside me

and this one is my yoyo~
It really dunnoe wat means of death...

After that, my dad went to bought some noodles came back,

because they was very hungry already,but prepared some food only..

Is not enough of them to fill stomach

gossip at there until 11PM.
Then back home and go to bed

Tomorrow will go to eewaka's house BBQ AGAIN AGAIN
My eyes...so kelian~