Wednesday, August 5, 2009

★just simple★

Monday 03 August 2009

This morning..

I afraid leave my class
I afraid face the people rise
I injured my face
my pimples became more obvious
very very very very ugly....
When rest time,
I just stayed at class,gossip with my friend
afraid go to toilet ,since must many people look at me
After school,
wen to tuition,back home,went to tuition again
all just back to the same old routine.

Tuesday 04 August 2009

Many teachers without into class

we stayed at class chit chat and stuff.
Nothing much than sleeping in class.HA

I'm in your left hand side

This not my seat

my classmates were too noisy at around my seat ..
so I sleeping at other seat..XD

And I'm seriously broke..^^
I wanna find some part time job
have any intro to me?


Li Vern said...

take care :)
take enough rest to vanish those pimples.

Carlisle said...

drink more water, sleep more.

Sam Wong said...

dunnoe ler...i still feel u very pretty..

babyshiaan said...

wher will ugly leh?
will recover d la...

come view my blog too oh^^

aemy said...

my pimple also damn serious...
hmm i suggestion drink more water and dun be late to rest :)
than pimple will recover :D

Leon said...

part time ?
take a look whether it suits you (: .