Friday, August 21, 2009


changed backgrounds already
but I still can not find a satisfactory
I used around 2 hours to find it..
Still can not find what I want
very very disappoint..Haiz...

Now is my sweet holiday for whole week..
what can I do?
Who can introduce some series to me?
花样男子 I had watched finished already
still haven't plan it yet

Tomorrow will be go to photo shoot
bless my pimples can disappear


JohnCoeinne said...

u should read more books!!

Carlisle said...

i prefer Blogger Template's background, they'd many styled backgrounds.

for the movies.. urm, i don't watch movies, but i heard that 'Pi Zi Ying Xiong' not bad, though I'm not interested. haha

BaBE Bei said...

model model XD

vLover said...

your current theme is quite nice :)
wish you all the best in tomorrow photo shot session.

bii said...

like u dis pic...^^

Sam Wong said...

this pic look beautiful
go photo shooting again ah...waitting ur photo update...
i think recently hk drama is funny..u can try to watch