Monday, August 24, 2009

★Full House-Photo shooting★

My sister and I woke up in the early morning
Egg came my house first
We make up finished at 9a.m
then went to balakong to fetch Sharn and Panda.

Gathered at Serdang KTM
after that, followed photographer's car and headed over to Fullhouse
I'm first time went to Fullhouse,damn excited!haha
there is a nice place and dream

Reached around 10PM

Sharn help me to fix make up
But,my pimples still cannot used a foundation to cover it
kinda obvious,damn ugly..
Nvm,still have photoshop mar...

Then start to shoot loh..
For this photo shoot,
I trying my best to"simile","cool"and...
We just shoot around 3 hours only
no enough time for this shoot

After that,
We had our lunch at here

I damn hungry already

I ordered a set of Wok-Sear Chicken Chop

mushroom coppucino soup..
Erm~ not my favourite

After our lunch,takes photo with my buddies

I became a photographer

they became model too..

Hey..wat face...=="

dream bed

I wanna take a group photo with my gang
but Eewaka didn't come today

Before ended this shoot


Group photo

my parther--Iyen[my sis]
most of the people misunderstanding she is my friend or my little sister

Around 4PM

We went to 1 utama

No purpose
just shopping about 15minute only
very sohai...

That's all for today

Is a happy day


JohnCoeinne said...

top fans here!

Sam Wong said... sweet sweet day oh..
ya..fullhouse is a nice place..
u 1st time going?
nice pic...

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