Tuesday, August 18, 2009

★HaPPY Birthday TO all of you★

Saturday 21 August 2009
At night,I went to my cousin sis 21th birthday party with my family
My cousin sister's bf is the ECX group[2008years 舞极限 a group of champion]

first time saw their real person..
her's bf got tattoo of a ''舞'' word in his neck
I love it...
We were chit-chat at there with my cousin

my cousin sis house just nearby Panda's house
but her didn't at home loh...><

Sunday 22 August 2009


I had a jogged with Leyi and Yuting at park
Afterward, Amelia and my mum also came join with us
This is the first time I woke up early to exercise [claps...]
because I wanna my body become health and slender figure
but I think this decision to maintain only a few days..
because I very very tired on this day

In evening,I went to The Mines with my sister
bought some personal effects and fetch my brother
After that,

We went to STAR VILLAGE at Kuchai Lama for celebrate my cousin bro birthday

nice place..

without take any photo in this few days...

lazy to make up..

my face need to rest..

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