Sunday, August 16, 2009


Thursday 13 August 2009
When assembly,
principal called my friends and me go to stage
because last time didn't went to PJK matter
but we don't go to stage..
she seems forgot already

After school,A Lun pick us up went to his house
He was sick s few days already
very pity..

caught movie with my family on night.

Movie start at 9.15pm till 10.45pm
The storyline was not bad..quite funny
but kinda boring and no point loh..

Friday 14 August 2009

Can I skip this part first?

because this day went to 海棠 for steamboat with my hang

but haven't get those pic from my dear friends

next Saturday..maybe will photo shoot again..

still don't know wanna wear what type of clothes..


Who can sponsor me~XD


Denise Yinyin said...

lol hi kmaey~ your lens very big o~ where u get so big size de contact lens? how much n how long time it can stands? kindly pls reply ya cox i m looking for contact lens >_<

Anonymous said...

U photoshoot for blinc model?

Anonymous said...

U photoshoot for blinc model?

CaRmEn said...

i planned 2 watch the movie too~
but many of them afraid of H1N1~