Monday, August 24, 2009


Wednesday 19 August 2009
At night,I followed my sister went to cheras night market
first time I hang out and wear a mask
but I felt very hot after I wear it
cannot tahan loh..
just bought a cloth and a cup of sugar cane juice
then back home...

Thursday 20 August 2009
Last day went to school luh..
Is just a very ordinary day

Friday 21 August 2009
stayed at home for a whole day
damn boring and boring...
At afternoon,sis and me select clothes for photo shoot room suddenly seemed like the bombing
and I go to bed early....

I forgot to update for last Friday
just write somethings about that day

Friday 14 August 2009
I went to "海棠"~~to ate steamboat with my buddies
We are the earliest customers

I was pouring char~ to drink
but it too heavy
then Sharn came to help me..
haha...she looks like our mother

At that time got a lot of small accidents

I almost blew the leaves hot to eewaka's seat
She screamed,many people look at here..
very nong shui~

I ate a lot of foods and dessert on this day

After steamboat..didn't join with them to second round
just back home and sleep

I will continue post the Full house article now
please waiting readers.

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