Wednesday, May 12, 2010

★Wish me luck!★

Hey peeps!:D Here to short updated.
Well,the mid-term starts on next week,18th May 2010!
First day of the exam same with my birthday too:(so bad lah!!
Starts from BM paper then English paper then maths paper then history paper then...
Now I still don't understand about the poem of Form 4,history and etc.
I felt very afraid about my exam,because I spend a lot of money for tuition.
Its gonna be very hectic everyday,studying studying and lastly studying:(
Need to study hard until finish the exam and looking forward for a Malacca trip with IMP group.
I know my blog is dead right now,
Never mind lah!Study is more important for my life.wuahahaha!
Now's May,few more months to go till the dead line!
Wish me luck,thanks!
I'm very tired now:(

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EN AI's WORLD said...

wish u ALL THE BEST in your exam ....^^