Saturday, May 22, 2010

★My 17th birthday dinner ★

Actually I wanna to post about Jessie's birthday,but I still haven't get all the photos from eewaka there.So,I skip this part first.

At first,I didn't really care about how I would celebrate my 17th birthday.The main reason is my birthday same with my first day of exam.(Sigh,actually every year also is the same)I just planned on having the simplest celebration:dinner with my buddies,IMP group and eat dinner with my family.Meanwhile,I was surprised my classmates bought a birthday cake to me during the exam.However,this is my first time and also is my last time to celebrated my birthday in the school.

Celebrated my birthday at the Bandar Puteri,Mizi Shabu Shabu.A good choice for a small private party.Thank for IMP group helped me to booked a small room:)This is my first time they celebrated with me.I'm happy to meet this group of friends.They are very friendly to me.In this few months,I always outing with this group.

Eewaka came my home and tuition before headed to Puchong.Make up quickly because we're late!A lot of delicious food we ordered.I ate a lot!!yums yums

Eewaka and me.

Kmaey,Egg,and Eewaka.

Eewaka and I.

My sister and I.

Three couple.

Girls and me.


My first birthday cake:)

Macam apa tu??

So funny in this photos,actually have a reason for this pose..Erm...
Can you guess it?

After that,we adjourned to yamcha session and discussed about Malacca trip .
back home around 2pm,I think.

I'm enjoyed in this day and thank for your present:)
多谢嗮 ♥♥♥

Still have a few post about my birthday session.
Is time to off9,start revision now:)



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Hi...i`m Just a firend...Love to read your blog...Its just like a personal love story of someone caring for their friends and family...keep up the good work...will be looking forward to the next chapter...Do wat you do the best...will support you...

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