Sunday, May 9, 2010

★Primary school's gathering★

Saturday 1st May 2010
Happy labor's day!In this day,I attended the gathering of primary school mates @gasonline.I haven't keep in touch most of them for almost 5 years.It's a long period.Sigh!I'm getting old.

Their appearance I still remember,only some friends I've forgotten their name.I felt like all all of them looked so familiar.Have a big changed of course is the guys.From a lil boy to a smart looking guys.I remember many girl also are higher than boys in primary school.right?haha.But they say I changed much in the looks,so is bad or good??I don't know:)

Actually,many primary school's friends still same of the high school with me,so I didn't felt so strange.Only 30 people attend in this gathering.But still,we had such a great day.We combo many tables in the restaurant and we were extremely noisy that nights,but who cares:)Hearing out what they doing in school life,we are preparing for our big exam in this year.Besides that,our topic were circulating about primary school's life.It is a great memories.

We really should appreciate and thank to the invention of facebook we are able to search for old classmates.All of them stood at here for taken photos and non-stop.

Here are some pictures had been taken during the gathering.

SJK(C)Kung Man,class 6J OF the year 2005.


The guys and I.

My standard 6 graduation photos.It is a wonderful memory.

时间过得真快,想不到小学毕业已经过了五年了.某天看到Facebook post上了小学的班级照,这时有点吓到我了因为小学的时候我是剪短发的 一点也不想把那时候我的样子给挖出来与大家分享.哈哈..不过我还是面对了现实.看回去那张合照的样子好好笑,带点幼稚的样子!其实我小学的时候已经蛮成 熟了的!偷 偷告诉大家,我的初恋发生在学校六年级!也维持了一年...不错吧!哈!对现在早熟的年轻人来说是件很正常的事情吧!甚至有 些小学二年级就已经恋爱了!真厉害...我小时候可是个巡查员来的呢!因为唯有巡查员可以穿制服以前很爱管是非的...只不多到六年级因为要面临UPSR 的原因就没有得做巡查员了!

突然很怀念小学的生活,无忧无虑的自己.小时候的我,老是会幻想 17岁的时候是什么样子的生活,SPM的考试到底是怎么样的?!大人的世界又是怎样的?!现在的我就已经体会到了,辛苦一个字!



Wong Kang Hoe said...
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Wong Kang Hoe said...

Find this in 2016. Sweet memory ^^
I am the one who standing on the left hand side of the last row in the graduation photo.
Failed to attend the gathering in 2010...
Anyway, I think it's time to report myself.LOL.