Friday, May 7, 2010

★IP Man 2 & Iron Man 2★

Last week,have two films with an almost similar name are releases into big screen.
If you ask me to compare between them, I would say that “Ip Man 2”!

We watched Ip Man at last Friday(30th April 2010).
I am surprised,because Sharn Sharn joined us too!
We watched the hot movie --IP Man 2.
started at 11.30pm.

The main cast by Donnie Yen, a grandmaster of Wing Chun.
He is very modest.

The film's martial arts is Sammo hung.

Lastly,yip man begins his fight with Twister in the boxing competition.
I was very geng zheong in this moment.
I love him so much!♥
I wan find a new boyfriend like him de lohx..

The next day,
After gathering,watched Iron Man 2 with IMP again.

I was sleeping in the theater.
I don't know what is the point in this movie.
talked a lot of Science and technology and I don't understand.

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