Tuesday, May 4, 2010

★Micky's and Kin's birthday session★

Saturday 24th April 2010.
We celebrated Micky's 17th birthday at the Highway Cafe again.

Micky and me.
Yea,same place with last time but with different people.(my schoolmates a.k.a buddies)
Many friends joined her birthday party.

First table,below 17 years old.

second table.under 18 years old.

Waiwai very funny in this photo.haha

Yleng and me.

Waiwai,waiwai's sister,Kmaey,Weilin.

Weilin's bro and me.

Rocky and Zefent joined us too!

walked here walked there to take photo
I'm no free in this moment.ahaha...

Kmaey,Fish,and Egg.
Spend a lot of time to chatting.
Birthday's cake was coming!

made a wish.(Happy birthday to you..girl.)


Group photo.


After that,egg,rocky,Zefent and me moved to Alex's house before 11pm.
We prepared surprise to Kin a.k.a Alex's gf.

Rocky,you are so handsome in this photo!!

Sister and me.

Actually the scene was dark,but the camera has flashlight.

She was very touching.

Happy birthday to Kin!Here's a wish for happiness and joys that never end!

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