Thursday, July 16, 2009


Monday 13 July 2009

After account tuition,
went to Seri Kembangan night market with Xinn Yuen
bought a lot of foods and drinks...
just a few minutes to walked...
because it was damn crowded and hot weather...

Tuesday 14 July 2009
During the assembly,
The new
vice-principal scolded us all,
because we all are too noisy when assembly
she said never seen less chaotic schools...
Furthermore ,she announced several new discipline
Shit liao....

When in the class...

Which one is me??
Almost all classmates sleeping on the table
All seems like didn't sleep last night XD

Wednesday 13 July 2009
During the rest time...
We celebrated Jing Rong's birthday..
Le Yi bought a small cake to him...
Unfortunately..Puan Sahsia scolded us all..
damn hate and felt disappointed
maybe saturday dad will bring us to Genting with my family
overnight till sunday only..

1 comment:

Dinos@yuan said... cool~
sleep full day~~~ class so noisy...
cant sleep...
lucky my class is only just 1class in the end other class can be noisy~