Friday, July 17, 2009

★ Contest★

This picture has been a long time ago..
but i still like it..

I just came back from school..

Friday 17 July 2009 today...

After school,
I still stayed at hall to watched the singing contest with Wenny
Main reason is support A Loon....Ha.

"people mountain people sea"

Finally,he was lost in this contest
but at least he have a high school memory
I know,not everyone has the courage to stand at stage..
Including me...
Never mind lah...Gambateh!

This contest ended about 2PM

After that,we had our lunch with Pan",Weilin,Wenny AYang and me
went to the restaurant by motorcycle
gossip at there..

When we want to return to school,
we were occurred small accident..
because the motorcycle is too heavy
my friend cannot support..

Back home around 4PM

It is now 6.21PM
I still haven't bath after back from school
lazy mar...

haha..dirty girl...

I without go to the bon odori already..
sorry for my dear friends..
Forgive me..XD

Genting I coming soon...
Hope have a good journey..


Angelmoonzz said...


chiahau said...

hey..nice to meet chiahau..19 tis year..actualy i added u in fb bt u like never on9 de..anyway..can giv me yr msn? so hope can make a fren wif u..

Janova said...


Eemika said...

haiz..i wan to find u at bon odori..