Wednesday, July 8, 2009

★I love shopping★

Sunday 5 July 2009

Around 12PM I started to make up

We went Time square with sister
I never been there quite a long time

A picture taken on the way

reached they 1pm plus and went to had our lunch first

Kmaey Amelia Iyen just got a little choice
so I without eat..

After having our lunch..
time square shopping time!
we walk & shop
I only bought a few clothes and a school bag^^

Reached home around 7PM
tried..real tried...


Carlisle said...

yeah, I'd love shopping too.
If my wallet doesn't scream in pain.

Sam Wong said...

where u stay ar?
time square i just go 2 day before!!

MiZen said...

i love shopping too but not alone with my mother as always :-(

Stella彤彤[友谊天使] said...


小洁 said...

hi~ nice 2 meet u~
i tat day also go there shopping~
and i saw u... i though i see wrong person...
coz u so diff from yr pic....

Anonymous said...

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