Friday, July 31, 2009

★EXAM is over★

Thursday 30 July 2009
Yesterday night,
Going out with my brother,sister and her boyfriend around 8.30pm
This day,is the Jusco member sales

Look:"People mountain people sea"

fist time I saw the Jusco looks like a night market...

Damn crowded!!
I wanted to buy something personal effects

After shopping,headed to "大家乐"yamcha...
Reach home around 12am.
Friday 31 July 2009

Next day,I'm dead tired.But then I still have to school
Luckily,today exam paper just one subject only..
is the Moral paper
I couldn't remember the definition of the moral value
I felt so bad..
Finally done with the monthly exams!
After school,headed back Weilin's home for take the scooter
went to 1882 restaurant had our lunch
Gossip gossip at there...

But..just ate finished..

A loon was came to fetch me home already...
Then..we were staying at home watched"花样男子"
and he stayed back till 3.30 p.m

So So So So So fast~
August is coming soon... OMG!
That's all...


Carlisle said...

Goodbye July, Hello August. - -
the time is like 'phew~~~ ' and gone.


aaron said...

nice word ya.. people mountain people sea.. ^^ jusco so many ppl o.. but u must care o.. care bout the h1n1 ar.. exam finish d o.. then go rest ba..

yiin said...

im new in blogspot...
hee..hope when u free can drop me sum conment yea..thanksss

i wil view ur blog too=)
take care `

Sam Wong said...

August coming lo...
so so fast the time pass away...