Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Exams are over!!I'm back ;)

Happy New Year !!!This is my first post for 2012.

 Hello everyone,do you still remember me??I'm sorry about that it's been a quite long since I wrote my last blog.I had a very busy months to because of preparation for my final exam.
It's Tuesday afternoon yes!!All the exams, presentations & assignments for the semester two have included with the final paper was officially over on yesterday!!!

I had to pass five final exams in my major subject during the last two weeks.The last month is simply gone with many hours spent spent on revising for final examination without much time to blog and work.In order to get a good result in final,I rejected all the invitation party & celebration.

I stressed & tired whenever it's time of the semester.The lecturers rushing to finish the all chapter and students busy preparing for the finals.With all this going around me,i'm stuck never nightmare where books are circulating me.Almost every night I had to burn the midnight oil and struggle to complete all the chapter.
revision time at living room in the midnight.

The first day of the exam was the last day of the year,31th Dec 2011.After that, we had two day off to prepare and study upcoming four exams on the following days.Well,The examinations from these few days very considered easy expect the ITS.The holidays  are 4 weeks long till after CNY.

Before end this post,i'm gonna to show all of you guys about  my semester 2 @college life.
My course-mates,DBU students @ Tarc college,setapak.
My classmates with happy faces.
Shopping and studying to spent our leisure time

We came from the same secondary school,Smk Sk and now we are studying in the same course and same tutorial class.We used to spend most of our leisure almost everyday on shopping & studying.

I do enjoy my semester 2.so far so good;)


Andy Low said...

computer security ?
you study IT field?

♥ Kmaey ♥ said...

andy low"Im study business admins