Sunday, January 15, 2012

Behind The Scenes-Ribena video shooting

Hi boys & girls.Our biggest festival,Chinese New Year is coming soon.There is only one week to prepare.Of course,it is a tradition to buy new clothes before the new year comes.Are you busy shopping right now?Are you get ready for all the things?buy new clothes,buy gift & etc.
For me,finally I dyed my hair and bought a few new clothes,shoes,bag.Money spent like water!!I cant believe that my pocket money gone too fast!!!Oh no!!!I want to buy a new liquid foundation,can you recommend to me a good liquid foundation?

7th November 2011,had an advertising shooting video for the Ribena's competition with Vic Guan. It was a great shoot & experience for us.While I am very pleased with the result overall.We spent the whole day to do this video.But i was enjoying  process because it just not that hard compare wif before.

I just do a simple light make up  but vic guan's funny after heavy he pretty and sexy?
Started the shooting after make up at the new residence which located at Cheras.I was acting a sexy girl who are washing a car and vic guan acted like a zombie and he was deeply attracted me.
There are some pictures on that day.

They gave him some wounds of some kind by using fake blood.The dribble blood run down his face,hands and shirt. Luckily the fake blood is smelless.
Vic Guan's Zombie look & makeup.
I washed car by hand for the first time under the sun.
Vic Guan & Kmaey
Did not forgot to take a group picture before back home;)
After done the outdoor part,we went back home to bath & rest for a while.Ate panmee for our brunch and went to the PJ for the last part.
Dexter Lo & Me ;)

Watched Paranormal activity 3 after shooting.Had a nice day with them 
My ribena video is up on RIBENA page Here:
Even though the competition ended so long ago.
But I still really hope you can click "LIKE" the video and leave some comment and share it out ya;)

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