Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy lunar(Chinese) New Year,2012

Now is 12.57am.More one day here the coming of Chinese New Year !XOXO!!Happy lunar chinese new year yaweiii!!!For people who are driving home back to hometown ,please be careful on the road  and have a safe journey home to celebrate Chinese New Year.

I just got back from my grandma house and we have our laosheng.As a traditional cutlure,lao sheng(捞生) which mean changing their luck right?hmm..I not sure actually...

lao sheng.
My lovely cousins.
Well it was cloudy today! The good old days were full of sunshine now they're full of rain.I felt so so cold right now!I am really hoping the weather stays cold during Chinese New Year's weeks.Ya...I prefer cloudy days and I tot it was a really nice weather from the incessant sunshine.But the only problem I hate with it is that you cant go outside often because of the rain.It's suitable for me to take a rest now!
Besides that,Finally i done shopping for CNY.Sunway pyramid is a great place for me to shop with reasonable price,various type and good service.I went there 5 times in this week.hahas!Gosh...i found out i have problem to managing my own money.I seems to spend a lot of money because of CNY in this year.I found out since I got my debit card.I spent a lot than I should be.It makes me feel that i still can buy a lot of things even though i don't have any cash on my body while i just doing window shopping.Spending money by using card had been too easy and seems to be a problem for me right now.Haiz....
Where I spent my money?!
I dyed my hair,bought a new bag @Calvin Klevin,skin care @ Cellenique(first time bought a set of skin care because my skin getting worse),my mummy & daddy present (Guess & ALBA),Christine & Egg's birthday present (Chanel foundation and "secret"), cosmetic,a lot of dress & accessories and etc. I totally bankrupt now!! I spent more than I earned.
Before end,I would like to wish you and your family  
Don't forget to visit your family and relatives and enjoy yourself during Chinese New Year celebration


Nana said...

Happy Chinese New Years! Your cousins are so cute ^ ^

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you

Ester小米 said...

happy new year! :D