Friday, January 13, 2012

Joey Celebration party.

This is a short related post.
6th November 2012,a celebration party for Joey got third runner up in the miss astro,2011 at a garden is located Gita Bayu Club house;) Christine and I came late at 10.30pm.When we reached there,I'm surprised cause it seems like a private party and it was a small gathering for them.There were some pictures on this party.
There were chats and laughters exchanged here and there every single minute;)
Joey and Me.
she is my dear.
My sister and I.
Lip and Kenny.
The BBQ session went very well with everyone eating very much. Although the food looks like very delicious,but I didn't eat anything at the night.
Ya..I should control myself no supper anymore...because I'm getting fatter...seriously!!!
End..I gonna to have my dinner now.Bye.

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Yyan.Poon.Yan said...

You more prettier than her! Hahaha! :D