Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today is last day of November,2011.December is on it's way!I see many people are lamenting about how time flies.Yea...times flies super fast!!

So how about your November's life??

For me,I thought I would have slow down my working pace,yet it didn't;( I have been working like a cow in this month.I want earned the extra money till the MAX because Chinese new year is around the corner!It's November,wonderful month for me.

However,I started worried about that studies getting neglected & affected.Yea..maybe I'm too focused on earning money that it leaves me with no time to study.I'm hardly studying all my time goes into reading online about facebook or yumcha with my friends.Even though I knew that my course is important for my future and I have the final exams coming.I hate the feeling when I don't take care about this semester.I'm really worried about it.


Well,shared some pictures about my working's life to all my readers.
 MOGT @The mines,4/11-6/11,2011.MOGT is a brand new online game fair that puts all online pulslishers together to showcase their products and services.I work as showgirl for 仙剑神曲online(新马服). The workers & showgirls very nicely!!Please join the page!I started to learn how to play this game cause it looks very fun !!pls add me as friend:kmaey
Tammy,Jane with me;)
Don,my boss!haha! 
Love the pictures taken by the photography.
Oh yea!Final competition功夫美眉 was held at mines while luckily i was working there .Super support this team because they are very beautiful even though they were not very geng in this competition;)
congtraz to the winner team in this competition;)

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Anonymous said...

You are not looking good all the time, but no one is perfect in this world. ;D