Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2011

Congratz to my friend's sister,Joey for being one of the top 10 finalist miss astro 2011.

Last Saturday(29th October 2011),I went to genting highlands to watch the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2011 with IMP and relatives.Gathered at HOMETOWN @Desa Petaling before going.
On the way to Genting!!
 Amelia & Me.
Iyen and me.
We reached there around 3pm.Checked in,and quickly rush out for a quick brunch.We gathered in front of the Arena of Stars after brunch.

There were whole group of people queuing outside the entrance already.
No.2 Joey's supporters.

We went in and sat with Joey's gang.Luckily got ourselves nice seat.I surprised to see that almost 1200 of Joey's supporters came from different location.Joey's family designed & ordered t-shirt for all Joey's supporters!Had 3 different design of the t-shirt.At the same time,they bought a lot of whistle and light stick.

First design of the t-shirt. 
Zefent,Pheobe,Jason & San.
Second design -rocky wore that one.
 design 3.
Cecelia,amelia,mandy and me.
the view of the stage.
more and more crowds.
My left hand side & right hand side.
Amelia & me again.
Cecelia & Amelia with me.
 Xtin and Kenny Thien.
 Wooi Teck and kmaey.
 The show started at 8pm sharp.Yesh!!We all really enjoyed the whole show.It was great to see the talent time.The best performance was Joey,a gymnastic.Really awesome!!!

The whole show was performed was excellent!Really felt proud for Joey and Lenna!It is a great night of us.After that,we went to old town cafe is located at opposite of arena of stars to have supper.

 Result/Winner Of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2011
冠军(Miss Astro Chinese International 2011): No. 7 Lenna 林家冰, 22 years old
亚军(1st Runner-up):No. 8 Kate 黄慧洁, 22 years old
季军(2nd Runner-up):No. 2 Joey 张祖儿, 21 years old
殿军(3rd Funner-up):No. 9 Vivienne 温慧茵, 23 years old
Overnight at First world.Next day,had a breakfast at first world and walked around at the genting.
Yumcha session.
Pheobe,Egg's sister.
bought a strawberry ice cream & strawberry candy floss.


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You look like you had such a fun time! : D I love looking at pageants!

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blog walking over here...and i would like to tell u that, nice blog!! As well as...Joey is so pretty & talented... =]

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