Thursday, January 6, 2011

SMK Seri Kembangan Graduation day.

Hello peeps!This is probably the last posts you're going to see me in school uniform!Please don't blame me because it was a late post also!Weeheee**It was on 14th November 2009,SMK SK High School 2010 Graduation day.

In fact,my school without hold a graduation day for many years ago before.Since changed a new headmaster in our school,everything has been upgraded.It is a great news for the future SMK SK'S students.

Let's the photos tell you about the story on that day!

That particular morning,same as before we lined up at the hall after step into the school.Chat together and felt excited yet sad feeling.Still can't believe we're going to graduate,seems like the dream become true!

Graduation ceremony started .Firstly,the the principal got up on the stage and started giving us his speech.The thousand of applause from the students rocked the hall when the graduation song was started.We shook hand and hugged slightly with all teacher.I was quite shy at that time and crying out at the moments because the scene was really touching!

We went for our brunch after taking enough photos to keep our memories of the last day in our school.I had some taking in canteen too.

After that,we sang the song together-YOU RAISE ME UP.we rose and put our hands up together and chanted with the venerable.

My headmaster!!

Wilson adn Zhe wu

Jessie and ekie.

It feels weird in a way,that it's suddenly all over.Everything ended in just a blink of eye.Extremely-really missing you all , I hope we can meet each other again if having an opportunity ! Love you all and Good bye♥♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

so, which college you're going to? and what course you're going to take?

sydney said...

Happy graduation! :D

That's a good news that your new principal organized such a great ceremony :)

Good luck in your future <3