Friday, January 14, 2011

Ball night SMK SK'2010

23th December 2010,I was having a great graduation night with my school friends.I was unsure if it was the first prom night for graduation but one thing for sure,it was my first time. Attire-wise,I was quite prepared but I have no enough time to hair-do and make up on that day.
We arrived before the prom officially started.We gathered at outside and sign before stepped into the ballroom.

It was a buffet style and everyone lined up to get their food.Our meal was constantly paused because performance were going on on the stage.Of course I did not to miss them because it really interesting!From the performances during the ball night,I came to realize that there was students so many talent performers at SMKSK.To me,the best performance was surely is the "24解铃鼓",the new group in SMKSK.They were so cool!They performance at ball night was their first performance that I watched because they just a new group in our school and hard to practice in the short period during we stay for the SPM examination.

After that,the white projector screen scrolled down from the ceiling of the stage.The projector flashed a video on it.The video made my Form 4 students and recalled many memories of form five students.We astonished to see our face on the screen.The whole people laughed.

At the same time,some students were marvelous.They went up to perform.They kissed,they danced and funny posed so on.

By the way,I was kinda sad and really miss them,this night be a memorable and beautiful night.After this time,we officially separated and each of us go into a new world.I hope everything will be fine and bless you all.

I really miss you all since we are same class from form 4 until our graduated.....

My headmaster

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