Thursday, January 6, 2011

High school life in 2010

Howdy!How's life?Recently I've been living in hectic days,no doubts a few weeks have elapsed since I graduated form the high school.Gone are the days of carefree learning and socializing with my buddies.However,I was missing my classmates and my teacher when on Jan,the new year.All friends getting ready for their college life.We've seldom got communication since then..Each of us has our own life now.As I am reminiscing our old days and young moments,we study hard together,laugh together and so on.I uploaded some photos to share all my reader.Look at those innocent looking girls and boys,can't stop my smile while watching these photos.I miss my high school friends and teachers so much! ♥

4 Lili 1'2009 &5 Lili 1 '2010
I never forgot we're share out the work and help one another to decorate our classroom and got the champion in school!

I always sat at the same place during the rest time.

We forced to line up at canteen during the assembly,because the hall is no enough to contain too many people.

My classmates who are sat beside with me in the whole year.

My science teacher in 2010 and maths teacher in 2009,she is our form teacher also.

My English teacher,Puan.Florence.

My Chinese teacher,Mr.Lim.

My Malay teacher=)

My monitor,very smart +handsome boy in the class.

The handsome Malay guy,Daniel.

The smallest girl in the classroom,Niannian.


Anonymous said...

Wow...u are so pretty and VERY nice body. You breasts so big and round. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have u.

sarvinraaj sanmugam said...
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sarvinraaj sanmugam said...

After viewing your photos I remember my past high school life.....what a wonderful memories.

MR X said...

when i saw thic pic,it reminds me of my having so much fun..ohh wht a sigh..