Saturday, January 1, 2011

First blog entry of 2011

My first blog entry of 2011.I can't believe that we're in 2011 year now.No matter I have been busy bee in 2010,I felt a great sense of achievement when I have accomplished my SPM.In 2010,I learned a lot of life and experienced a lot of things.I graduated high school...finally!Most proud of the things is I am @ddol 1st batch and attended a lot of magazine shooting while I just 17 years old.Cannot deny,I've known many friends who are come from different place and I gained quite fans because of the @dd magazine.I really appreciate them.At the same time,I look back to my high school days,which were the happiest in my life.(I will post my graduation post soon...)

Here some photos of the memories I did this year and some photos you've never seen before.Now,I shared to all of you and helped me look back what I was doing in 2010.I realized my style didn't changed much in this year.Do you think so?

January- Interview of @dd magazine shooting and so lucky because I have been chosen for the @ddol.

February-CNY Of the first day!The best CNY in my life and I never been.I still remember the CNY week I almost very day back after 4.00am.

-First time i joined @dd magazine shooting vol.1
March-My buddy,Fish birthday party.

-@dd magazine shooting vol.2

Genting trip with my classmates.

-shooting with addols on 07'04'2010.

May-My birthday month.Felt so sweet because of many friends celebrate with me

June-Leyi's birthday.

July-Alex birthday party and the theme is back to 70's.Started in this month,I seldom updated and care my blog.

-Hairstyle shooting

August-Had a great trip with my family.

Badminton session with my buddies.

-Library shooting of the @dd magazine vol.6

September-I still remember it is a trial month for me.Well,I seldom went out and I study hard and revision at my room.I just joined @dd magazine cover shooting vol.7

October- In this month.I attended many activities.Yusheng's birthday,Tikus birthday and a lot of the last magazine shooting.I never write down about those days at my blog.

Love them so muchie!

-The last cover shooting 23'10'2010(The photos I haven't get it until now T.T)

-@ddol story of the @dd magazine.Well,my buddies joined too! Thanks a lot to them.

November-Graduation day(I will write down this post soon) and the SPM finally started.

December- Ball night 23'12'2010.

Well,these are my best memories in my 2010's life.I realized that many posts haven't write down at my blog!I will try my best to complete these post in a short period.

Before ended this post,

I wish you the happiest of New Years.

And my wish is that your wish comes true.

God Bless and Happy New Year.

Stay pretty and stay healthy


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