Monday, June 29, 2009

★Transformers 2 ★

Saturday 27 June 2009
I went to ice skating with my sister them
Well,haven get those pictures yet,waiting for boiz give my sister
will update soon ya..

Sunday 28 June 2009

I didn't go to for "校花校草选拔"
sorry all of you
I am very scare loh~

Happy birthday to Mandy--my cousin

Sorry for my belated benediction

This morning,sister and me went to Serdang Ktm to fetch my cousins

after that Amelia and me went to The Mines for a while
to changed basketball clothing for Happy father's day present

My dad always played basketball with his friends
He is hale and hearty.

After that we headed to Cheras Selatan around 1PM
The latest movie I have been caught @ Transformer 2
This movie I craving for so long

Showtime at 1.30pm

Wah...This movie almost all scene fulled already

I love this girl so much
she is very sexy and pretiness ^^

This movie is damn exciting and moving...

at cinema toilet

Ended up around 4PM

Then taken brunch at "一级棒"
nice place

fried rice

we having little conversation there.

Once the girl stuck together, Gossip session couldn't be wanting in.

back home around 6PM
damn tired...


Kai said...

That "Heroine" is call Megan Fox la~

Anonymous said...

vixen ! fucking pretty .

JamXiong said...

Transformer 2 really quite long
2 hour and half
so siao~
but very excited and funny~
u so preety neh =)

Angelmoonzz said...


Anonymous said...

oh god.. did god create you..
which planet you from .. ^^

yuyu said...

i try to wtch tat transformer too..
sure very nice...
9 2 m33t u~
stay pretty