Friday, June 19, 2009

★Single life★


Wednesday 17 June 2009

During the assembly,
the hippopotamus's teacher he came to find me again
didn't said anythings...just called me went to stage ...
F**k! 吃饱没事做!

PLEASE go back your cote...
Thursday 18 June 2009

After the tuition..
when I am waiting my mummy..
I saw an accident ...just a small case...
but I saw it with my own two eyes..

really scare..

This whole week
Back to school,then afternoon back to my sweet house..
In the afternoon..tuition and tuition..

i doing nothing but sleeping in class as usual...
Recently..I became lazy..

Gossip with my buddies...
all of us was discussing about weather go to the Don Odori...


photos about School and tuition life

My real hair in school style

18 June 2009

19 June 2009

pretty micky..
Ha...I currently single
Friendship and Family is the major

Anyways.My life is just became boring and simple
just wanna outing with my dear friends..
I dunwan leave at house alone...

My English is not that good...
Once..i very shy and afraid to talk English...
Is hard for me to write more that what is on my mind
I just write it lean on for Chinese post But...

I knew i can not always maintains it again

it will cause trouble to me in the future
I need to improve my English for future..

Actually this few days,
I never erase our sweet memories..
but i knew...You are not belong to me forever



Anonymous said...

i dunno u what happen wif ur bf ...

jus wan said u had become more mature !! ^^

wish u can achieve for ur reguirement ^^


happy single days~ :)^,*(:

JamXiong said...

single is good =)
i also single bout 2 years ^^

Sam Wong said...

im also single ah..
never have girlfriend in my life...
if u want go out also can call me also feel boring go out alone..
however, i believe u can improve ur english in future de...start now lo..
take care and wish u happy forever..

Siao Kai. Yell said...

Practice makes your english perfect.

Everyday one post in one year time you can write a dictionary!

miyoko said...

♥ dear..
♥ everythings will be okiee
♥ right..
♥ miyoko will support dear
♥ miss euu
♥ Mwak~

Dinos@yuan said...

try to be happy with your single life...
your english is good..atleast your is better than me...
always be take care for your self...

yeong said...

huh~ since you are single so many people leave comments for you XD

KmAey.Wawa said...

[anonymous] okay..


[jamxiong]is good free..

[samwong]hehe..okay lah..

[Siao Kai. Yell]haha..hope so..

[miyoko]thx miyoko..

[dinos]ha?my english so poor loh..


vGc said...

when is the Don Odori ar?and at whr?