Monday, December 14, 2009


Friday 12 Dec 2009
My "best friend"came and visited me in this morning!
fucking pain!I quickly went to bought a medicine before go to work

Around 6 pm,my buddies came to find me while I still haven't knock off.
After that,we walked to gasonline for yamcha.
we hold a meeting about genting trip.
Our topic just around money money and money.
I finally pok gai already.Recently I was spent a lot of money.Shit==

Saturday 13 DEC 2009

After work,tagged along my sister went to yamcha with Jackie them.

Cheli bought a gift from Taiwan.

cool man,haha..very funny!


xxlovexxcwl said...

work hard, all is because of money gambate

Sam Wong said...

Take care urself kmaey!
Gasoline ? where de?
haha...ur friends brought the gift to u ah....funny...

casine said...

tat i also have...haha