Sunday, December 27, 2009

★Genting Trip-first day★

我终觉得,我们一年比一年的热闹,好玩. 我很舍不得这次的旅行,因为让大家的感情更亲密了. 我用了·一个星期来edit这篇文章.我真的怕2010年才会打好这篇文章.



Thursday 17th Dec 2009
今天我很早起身,紧张的一天~我终于可以去放轻松了! 开始扮美美~

我们集合在Serdang KTM 然后前往Kl Central.

eewaka的Frog也要车票的 XD

之后就到KL Sentral.坐在KFC等待时间过...


Around 11am,we took a bus and sat the cable car up to Genting!



After 1 hour,we reached the sky way.

People mountain people sea.

Amelia 真的很吵闹,做了maozai的替身.


然后就回hotel check in


我打电话,跟那些服务人员谈下天 XD


我们住theme park hotel .


First round,spinner.快要拍到楼梯那里了.





second round--Tea cup

Next round-->pirate ship

其实我脚真的很冷== 老鼠很帅了啦~

下一round,Roller Coaster


大家就回房间先 继续拍照

Around 8pm,我们又跑出去outdoor玩.


We were soaked...

之后就去first world吃pizzahut^^

Headed to played adult bumper car after finished our supper.





Around 1am,我们再出外吹吹风~天气冷到很恐怖



大家开始喝酒 Chivas Regal




Jehuty_854 said...

you might saw this people b4...

KmAey.Wawa said...

[Jehuty_854]har?i where

Sydney said...

哈 哈 青 蛙 也 要 火 车 票~
头 发 卷 进 去 吹 风 筒??那 你 剪 掉 哦?

Jehuty_854 said...

u copy the link view her photo...

she is my cousin

aemy said...

look so enjoy :D
so many fast noodles :D

我和朋友们又计划到那里过夜可是不够岁所以没有实行到~ :(

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