Tuesday, December 8, 2009

★Happy time★

Hello everyone,do you miss my make up pic??
I finally can wear lens and make up already^^
I had been looking forward to wear lens for a long time!

Monday 7 Dec 2009
Sister fetch my brother and I went to Sg.wang around 1pm.

I also without shopping for a long time.miss it!

Nice Christmas lighting at sg.wang.

After shopping,we had a brunch at KFC.

Shit!I just bought a new clothe but it was lost at sg.wang...
I'm very careless!WTF!Haiz...

New baby,hope it useful!


Anonymous said...

hey, final your eye recover liao... beauty again takecare :)

Florence said...

next time dun be so careless...haha i got a fren also like u...she always drop her things while shopping @@"...wasted

wEnDy said...

Tat cosmetic bramd nice ya..

✖任性蠻妞 yεαn.Yαи✖ said...

is tat bb cream?