Friday, August 19, 2011

Talentime Night 2011-D'favola 2011

Even though it's August,I'm still going to post about June,my oo's life.-
25th June 2011 Talentime Night 2011-D'favola.
Of course,this year was the first time I attended TT night in Tarc College.TT night was a little bit same as oo night because it also is an annual event a few months after every May intake of freshmen.There are 4 categories all together.There are the singing & dancing category,instrumental category and so on.

I went to college around 5pm or so with oo's family.When I reached there were already people around.Flashed my ticket and went into the hall.Happily I got a vip seat with oo's members.I didn't take much pictures during the competitions started.
Its just a group of people and one of my secondary school friend who what I think dances really great!
Well,the whole event was a success.All finalist really did good.I actually went there just to my friend perform and one of oo's PD,Michelle.

Didn't forgot to take pictures with oo's family before head home.
Took pictures with ex-oo finalist and KEN.
Jerry and me


After that,we went to TBR for yumcha session with oo's fanalists.I thought it was a worst midnight of my life on that day because something happened after yumcha.

我真的非常极度的讨厌那个马来居民住在TBR附近的 只不过泊车在你家附近那么的一阵子 你需要这么来作弄人家的车子吗?你真的很鬼死自私.....

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