Thursday, August 18, 2011

belly piercing. 18/8/11 strawberry is ♥

Hi all!I'm currently in final exam week and studying as hard as I can.As of right now,I got three exams left and I'll be done my exams by next has already been a long time ago since I posted something.So it's definitely time for update! I used to be full of life.I enjoyed my busy life very much.I was busy studying,shopping,traveling and so forth.I really don't know which part I should start first.Well I know I haven't posted anything in a while,but a lot has happened in these few months!I'm going to show you one by one I've been working on later(opppss...maybe lah..).

I had my belly button pierced at SG.WANG after exam with Xtin Lim.Nice to meet new friend,Kai Bin.
This girl who help us to do belly piercing.I looked pretty stressed as the needle was going into my .skin,but the moment passed quickly.It just a little pinch and it was over.
Now I walked like robot because it was pain;(

Strawberry............... ♥

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Star♥Xy said...

I saw you when thursday at wangsa maju lrt station :)
You are pretty :)