Saturday, October 2, 2010

★National's day★

Haloh,guys!Finally,it's time to blog!Sorry for the lack updates.Had a pretty hectic for the last month.I very very busy and I don't get to sleep much.I was excited cause almost all the main subjects were done,just left BC and account.These will continue on the next Friday.

I'm pretty free now(after done for the @dd magazine's works).Now I decided to blog about National's day.We headed up to Genting with the family and cousins.Genting was really cold same with the last time I went there. We went up around 1pm.

Surprisingly,on the way didn't have traffic jam.

Went to hotel and put the luggage.
Chilled at Long Beans for 30 min,spends time shooting and chatting.I ordered a cappuccino coffee.I was regret to order it cause I don't like the taste of Long Bean's cappuccino.

Amelia,YongHan(my bro),and Me=)

The innorrect girl,Amelia. cute cousin,piyi=)
After that,we went to First world for a while.

My cousins and aunt ♥

My family... ♥♥

Piyi=)A cute girl
We had a dinner at the Mushroom Farm with my aunt and uncle too.Before going,we gathered at outside and waiting the van coming to fetch us go.

Amelia and me

My mum join us too.Hahas..she said she love this picture so much.

After finished our dinner,cousins and me back to Genting and did shops at first world for an hours.I getting bored and tired.We rested at Starbucks for a while and I ordered a hot chocolate to calm down my feeling.The weather was damn cold led my leg's muscle went into spasm again!!really painful.><

Around 11.30pm,we went to outdoor for countdown the national's day!The rain never stops,it just get smaller and get bigger.Surprisingly,I saw my school's band had a performance(Smk Seri Kembangan) on that day.

Merdaka!Merdaka!The colorful fireworks crackled across the sky.

Next stop,MCD

Headed back to hotel around 3am.The end

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Ameliakan said...

I'm pretty,not innocent kay! I love the pictures. <3